Finally! IPad 2.0 In Production

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Most people that know me would consider me to be a tech junkie. Probably more so of an Apple enthusiast than I am a tech junkie. So as of this morning, the rumors are coming more into fruition because of the latest news release from the Wall Street Journal reporters Yakari Iwatani Kane and Shayndri Raice. What is the significance of this leak verses the other leaks such as Engadget, MacRumors,,, or Apple has historically allowed controlled release to WSJ so it is becoming more apparent that the wait will soon be over.

I have been waiting some time now for the latest release of the IPad 2.0. I was so tempted to purchase the first generation IPad, but for different reasons, I chose to wait. According to the WSJ article, the IPad 2.0 will have a faster processor, more memory, definitely thinner and sleeker, and front and rear facing cameras. A disappointing thing to note is that this IPad will not be receiving the higher resolution retina display like that of the IPhone 4.0 as previously rumored (still crossing my fingers).  I am still hoping that the glass will be anti-reflective. This feature is a definite big deal for me!

All-in-all, it is very likely that I will have the opportunity to purchase one. IPads still power over all the new reported tablets that are coming out this Spring. Every tech player in the market is working hard to release their product, but after carefully investigating my options, by-far, IPad 2.0 is till superior to these options. But I still have to wait for at least one more month as it won’t be available until at earliest mid-March. Want to donate to this worthy cause? I would be happy to promote your company, website or product. Seriously (I know–shameless isn’t it)! Feel free to donate here!

chanthachhimFinally! IPad 2.0 In Production