Top Ten Must-Have Apps

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I achieve to be a constant learner. In this attempt, I want to be more effective, efficient, and excellent in my service for our Lord; even with my new crazy deputation life traveling from one place to the next. One week, I can be in Charlotte, North Carolina, and the next week end up in California. Traveling and managing this … Read More

chanthachhimTop Ten Must-Have Apps

Finally! IPad 2.0 In Production

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Most people that know me would consider me to be a tech junkie. Probably more so of an Apple enthusiast than I am a tech junkie. So as of this morning, the rumors are coming more into fruition because of the latest news release from the Wall Street Journal reporters Yakari Iwatani Kane and Shayndri Raice. What is the significance … Read More

chanthachhimFinally! IPad 2.0 In Production