Why Asia? Why Not?

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From the moment I made my Asia ministry public, I have been asked, “Why Asia? Why would you choose to live and minister in an area of the world that is still developing?” To answer this question more articulately, please read on and allow me to acknowledge why I believe Asia is not only the place where the moving and … Read More

chanthachhimWhy Asia? Why Not?

Singapore Update – Week #1

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Praise the Lord for His provision! God continues to supply our every need. As you know we arrived in Singapore on Wednesday and have begun to settle into our new apartment (HDB flat). We decided to purposely rent a very common and ordinary apartment that the average Singaporean would be living in rather than a hotel, apartment, house or condo … Read More

chanthachhimSingapore Update – Week #1

True Persecuted Christians

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Not too long ago I came across this very convicting video. I would consider this to have hit really close to home for me because of my recent journey to the country of Vietnam. The video shows a few Christians having assembled to worship Christ together. You can hear them joyfully singing praises to Christ. Moments later, a swarm of … Read More

chanthachhimTrue Persecuted Christians