Dr. Joseph Esposito


joeespositoDr. Joseph Esposito
Pastor, Pacific Baptist Church
Long Beach, California

Chantha Chhim came to our church as a young boy whom I was able to personally lead to the Lord and disciple. Chantha began to grow in the Lord and fully dedicated his life to Christ while at Pacific Baptist Church here in Long Beach, California. He was faithfully involved and committed to the Lord’s work through his teen and young adult years despite the fact that his family was unsaved. In his late teen years, he faithfully worked under me in various capacities during which I was able to spend much valuable time with him. Upon graduation from our high school, Chantha listened to the Lord’s leading in his life to go to Golden State and continued serving and studying there with a fervent zeal for the Lord until he graduated. He then went on to work as assistant pastor at Gospel Light Baptist Church in Arkansas under Dr. Eric Capaci and is now following God’s call to foreign missions.

I recommend Chantha, his sweet wife Susan and family, to you for prayer and financial support. God will bless you and your church for getting behind a family who is so dedicated to His will for their lives. God bless you and grant wisdom as you seek His will in fulfilling His Great Commission to us.

chanthachhimDr. Joseph Esposito