Josh Cox, Rosedale Baptist Church

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Josh Cox

Josh Cox
Connects & Media, Rosedale Baptist Church
Baltimore, Maryland

When I think of Chantha Chhim, several words come to mind.  Chantha is a genuine person.  His sincerity is evident in his personal relationships as well as in ministry.  Chantha is organized and administratively gifted.  I first became acquainted with Chantha while he was operating a graphic design and printing company.  He always went above and beyond to ensure that his company and those who worked for his company were organized properly and were well equipped to satisfy customers.  Chantha is a visionary leader. He is constantly looking for ways to improve in all aspects of his life.  He is well-studied in the area of leadership.  Chantha loves his family.  He is a wonderful husband and father.  He successfully balances his career and ministry with his family.  Chantha is a true friend.  If he has ever been your friend, he will always be your friend.

Chantha Chhim gets a 100% recommendation from me.  If I lived in Singapore, there is no doubt I would place my family under the ministry of Chantha Chhim and Crosslight.

chanthachhimJosh Cox, Rosedale Baptist Church