Dr. Jack Trieber – North Valley Baptist Church


Dr. Jack Trieber

Dr. Jack Trieber
Pastor, North Valley Baptist Church
Chancellor, Golden State Baptist College
Santa Clara, California

I enthusiastically recommend to you Bro. Chantha and Susan Chhim. I would like to ask you to consider supporting this couple as they begin their deputation process. I have known Susan’s parents for nearly forty years. Consequently, I was friends with her mother and dad before she was even born. She is from a wonderful, godly home. Her home church is my home church, the Berean Baptist Church of Rockford, Illinois, where Dr. Melvin Swanson has been the pastor for the last fifty-seven years. She is a godly woman, a hard worker, and a very quiet, submissive lady. I endorse her 100%. The same is true for her great husband, Bro. Chantha Chhim. He is certainly one of the finest graduates we have ever produced at Golden State Baptist College. He is a diligent worker; he was an A+ student while with us. He is a great soul winner, and certainly I have nothing but praise for his life. For the last many years, he has worked as the administrative pastor for Dr. Eric Capaci at Gospel Light Baptist Church in Hot Springs, Arkansas. I trust that you will give him an opportunity to present his work to your people.

We at North Valley Baptist Church are very excited about getting behind the ministry of Bro. Chhim. I trust you will do the same. Please let me know if there is anything I can answer for you regarding their lives and testimonies. Please call me at (408) 988-8881. Thank you for your consideration. God bless you.

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