Dr. Don Sisk, BIMI


Dr. Don Sisk

Dr. Don Sisk
Director Emeritus, BIMI
Chattanooga, Tennessee

One of the great joys of the ministry that God has given me is the opportunity to meet many of His choice servants. Several years ago I had the privilege of meeting Chantha Chhim. I have watched his spiritual progress for many years. Chantha’s testimony,  commitment to The Lord, and His work has impressed me.

Chantha is one of the most innovative and dedicated young man that I have ever met. God is using him and his family in a marvelous way. I believe that he has a great future in world evangelism

I am sure as you get to know him andhis family that you will love him as I do.  He has a great love for The Lord, his family, and the ministry.

He is being greatly used in the matter of World Evangelization. I believe he and his family have a great future  As you get to know them better you likewise love and appreciate him as I have.

chanthachhimDr. Don Sisk, BIMI