Bradley Edmondson, Medical Missions Outreach


Bradley Edmondson

Bradley Edmondson
Director, Medical Missions Outreach
Baltimore, Maryland

As the founder and director of Medical Missions Outreach, I am so excited for the opportunity to partner with Chantha Chhim.  Our ministries share a common goal of reaching the world with the great news of God’s love for each individual.  Chantha has been serving faithfully in Singapore, and is using this location as a launching pad to reach out into more Southeast Asian countries.

When I need a strategic partner, someone I know I can trust to get things accomplished in a professional timely manner, with a goal to bring honor to Christ, I call Chantha.  Our friendship has grown stronger the last several years, and I am thankful God allowed our paths to cross.

I encourage anyone looking to partner with a ministry in this part of the world to consider Chantha’s church and ministry.  Visit him, call him, support him…just get involved!  It is worthwhile investment for eternity’s sake.

chanthachhimBradley Edmondson, Medical Missions Outreach