Singapore Newsletter #6 >>> Corban Chhim gets baptized!

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In October, while at North Valley Baptist Church, I had the privilege of leading my son, Corban, to the Lord. We have been praying and speaking with him about baptism since this time. On May 20, 2012, while visiting in North Carolina, I had the privilege of baptizing him. On the very same day, he received his graduation diploma for his successful completion of kindergarten. We are so extremely proud of him and his accomplishments. A special, “thank you” to Nebo Crossing for making this day special for him by showering him with gifts. He was able to take a picture with his favorite (and only) principal, Dave Likins.

While in Canada, we had the privilege of having a meal in the home of Kim Phuc. Kim travels the world as a goodwill ambassador for UNICEF as well as her own non-profit group to aid children hurt by war. Kim’s book is a riveting, personal account of the Vietnam War and the Napalm bomb that burned a large portion of her body. It was so humbling to be in her presence. Her godly, joyful countenance and disposition was such an inspiration. We thoroughly enjoyed our time with her and her family.

In March, I was privileged to speak at the “Our Time Youth Conference” hosted by Pastor Joseph Brown of the Marion Avenue Baptist Church in Washington, Iowa. What an unbelievable event hosted with the intention and thought of compelling the 500+ teenagers that were in attendance that it is “our time” to live for the Lord and do great and mighty things for His glory. Our family enjoyed a wonderful week there. Pastor Brown and the members of Marion Avenue were so gracious in helping us to purchase some much needed plane tickets for the boys to participate in a a few missions conferences that they would not have been able to go otherwise. What a blessing! What an answer to prayers!

Flash AnimationWe have now completed 15 full months of deputation. Our intentions are still to leave for Singapore in November 2012. How blessed we have been to have His protection and provision as we travel across our great land. Since our last newsletter, we are now at the 55% mark in our deputation progress. Thank you to our many faithful supporters that have partnered with our ministry.

We have seen 6 people trust Christ through personal soulwinning since our last newsletter. Also, I have had the privilege of baptizing 4 people, one of which was my very own son, Corban!

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Special “Thank you!”  //
How thankful we are to have so many faithful prayer warriors and supporters throughout the world. Daily, we receive encouraging notes posted via social media as well as letters to encourage us in the Lord! In April, we received a batch of cards from the members of Faith Baptist Church in Kilgore, Texas. What a dose of encouragement as we read through the letters/cards from these dear people who took time to encourage us in the Lord!

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chanthachhimSingapore Newsletter #6 >>> Corban Chhim gets baptized!