Singapore Newsletter #5 >>> 5 Saved

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In light of the tragic accident that took the life of three-year-old, precious Azlynn Cretzman, we have come to really love and appreciate  hearing the words, “I will be praying for you.” We never want to take for granted the divine protection from God as Christians all across America have lifted our family in prayer. Through the Matt Cretzman Family (missionaries to Cuba), we have seen the sufficiency in the grace of God. I am humbled while convicted of my faith in the Lord during the seemingly dark times of life.

In late December, we finished our meetings in California and began our travels to South Carolina to continue our deputation journey on the East Coast. We were thankful to visit our home church in Arkansas along the way to give a deputation update. It was a joy to see my church family.

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We praise God for the busy 2012 schedule that He has already provided for our family. We are looking forward to finalizing our last year of deputation. Please be in prayer as Susan and I take a quick trip in April to visit and encourage a church in  Southeast Asia. As it stands, our intentions are still to be in Singapore permanently by the end of November, 2012.

We have seen 5 people trust Christ through personal soulwinning since January 2012. Pray for Wendy, Caesar, Chaz, Brandon, and Cynthia–all of whom we had the privilege of leading to the Lord in the recent months. They all need to follow the Lord in believer’s baptism and attend a local Baptist church.

Since our last newsletter, we have now reached the 45% mark in our support. We are thankful for the many new ministries that have begun their financial support of our mission.

  1. Fellowship Baptist Church – Durham, North Carolina
  2. White Oak Baptist Church – Stratford, Connecticut
  3. Beacon Baptist Church – Raleigh, North Carolina
  4. Laurel Baptist Church – Charlotte, North Carolina
  5. International Baptist Church – Brooklyn, New York
  6. Lighthouse Baptist Church – Oakdale, California
  7. Centennial Baptist Church – Caldwell, Idaho
  8. Hopewell Baptist Church – Napa, California
  9. Shady Grove Baptist Church – Bossier City, Louisiana
  10. Shenandoah Baptist Church – Cleveland, Tennessee
  11. Grace Baptist Chapel – Elmira, New York
  12. Eastside Baptist Church – Murray, Kentucky
  13. First Baptist Church – Long Beach, California

Prayer Requests //
Safety in travels
Soul winning efforts
SE Asia Trip in April and provision of finances to facilitate this trip
Potential Singapore Team Missions Labourers (JOIN US!)

Provision & Answered Prayers //
Vehicle work performed by:
Ivan Baker of Baker Automotive in Marion, North Carolina provided a check-up, oil change, and general maintenance work.
South Haven Baptist in Springfield, Tennessee fixed our broken windshield.
Grace Baptist Church in Columbus, Georgia changed our oil and replaced a belt.
Unspoken prayer request – Answered (PTL!)

chanthachhimSingapore Newsletter #5 >>> 5 Saved