Singapore Missions – Qtr. 4 Newsletter

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What an incredibly busy quarter we have had. Since our last newsletter, we have traveled over 25,000 miles crisscrossing the United States. We praise the Lord that He has given us a full traveling calendar. Much of our travels for the past few months have been to participate in many missions conferences in America as well as one in Mexico.

The Lord has certainly used His people to answer many prayer requests on our behalf. Our van was paid off when Ambassador Baptist Church in Conway, Arkansas, donated $1,000. Fellowship Baptist Church of Durham, North Carolina, purchased a new luggage set for our family. Laurel Baptist Church in Charlotte, North Carolina, purchased an Ipad for our family. These are just a few of the many blessings this quarter. But unmistakably the best answer to prayer occurred in November with the salvation of my aunt, Sophia Sam. My cousins and I have been praying for her salvation for nearly 20 years. Recently, she was hospitalized due to a stroke and heart attack. She was revived several times. This near-death experience caused her to be extra tender to receive the Gospel. Thankfully, the Lord not only spared her life but saved her soul! Praise the Lord!

During a recent trip to Obregon, Mexico, Chantha met many pastors while visiting the Emmanuel Baptist Church. Pastor Pedro Davila has been pastoring this church for the last eleven years. God is doing an incredible work all throughout Mexico. It was such an blessing to witness a foreign mission church that has a heart for world missions. Emmanuel Baptist Church voted to partner with us in our missions endeavor. While there, Chantha preached five times with seven trusting Christ and one baptism. Glory be the Lord!

Since our last newsletter, we have now reached the 35% mark in our support. We are thankful for the many new ministries that have partnered with our family. We anticipate being at 40% by the end of the year 2011.

We have seen 11 people trust Christ through personal soulwinning since October of this year. Jose Antonio, 20 yr. old university student that got saved. Pictured with his family at their restaurant in Obregon, Mexico.


New Ministry Partners

  1. Central Baptist Church, Patterson, Louisiana | Pastor Caleb Silvertooth
  2. Morrilton Baptist Temple, Morrilton, Arkansas | Pastor Larry Black
  3. Gethsemane Baptist Church, Long Beach, California | Pastor Dave Murphy
  4. Wayside Baptist Church, Chesapeake Bay, Virginia | Pastor Paul Mitchell
  5. Community Baptist Church, Pensacola, Florida | Pastor Henry Lewis
  6. Harvest Baptist Church, Orland, California | Pastor John Stalions
  7. Ohana Baptist Church, Honolulu, Hawaii | Pastor Wayne Surface
  8. Michael & Rose Ott, Vero Beach, Florida
  9. Faith Baptist Church, Kilgore, Texas | Pastor Scott Thomas

chanthachhimSingapore Missions – Qtr. 4 Newsletter