Merry Christmas from Singapore

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Newsletter 2012 Qtr4a

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Our deputation ministry is officially over. To God be the glory!
We concluded the last of our meetings right after the Thanksgiving Holidays. It was a joy to have most of Susan’s family to join us in North Carolina to celebrate Thanksgiving.

On Sunday, December 2, 2012, we landed in Singapore to begin our new life and ministry. Susan’s social media post better expresses how we feel about those who have had a part in our life and ministry:

via @susanchhim on FB
If you have ever had us over for dinner, given us a gift, given in a love-offering for our family or even prayed for us then you have a part in this day! For this is the day we have dreamed of, prepared for & planned for 2 years and YOU have been a piece of the puzzle that helps us on this journey…henceforth there shall also be a crown of righteousness laid up for you…
Together, we WILL win this world for Christ! This journey starts NOW!

Thank you for praying for Susan’s health.
On Friday, November 23, Susan was rushed to the hospital ER by way of ambulance after suffering from her first seizure. During this seizure, she coded (no air and no pulse) for about 2-3 minutes. We were so blessed that God in His infinite knowledge allowed her sister, Cindy, a nurse, to be right by her side. Cindy was able to resuscitate Susan by providing CPR while I was on the line with 911. A few minutes later, EMT personnels were able to stabilize Susan to transport her to the nearest hospital where nurses and doctors attended to her. After running several tests (EKG, urine, CAT scan, blood work), all results returned favorable thereby allowing Susan to be released from the hospital later that evening. All four doctors that we have consulted have advised for Susan to visit a neurologist here in Singapore for further testing. I remember within just a few moments during the incident, God gave me a verse to claim, Psalm 11:1a In the Lord put I my trust. Why this happened just a few days prior to our departure to serve our Lord on a foreign field, I do not specifically know, but I do know that God loves us. I do know that He is sovereign. I do know that is faithful and just. I do know that God is good. So, I will do my best to trust in the Lord.

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Prayer Requests //
Soulwinning Efforts • Singapore Visa • 10 Singaporean citizens so that we can charter the church SOONER rather than later. • Potential Singapore Team Missions Labourers (JOIN US!)

New Partners //
Shawnee Baptist Church • Harvest Baptist Church • Coast Hills Baptist Church • Shasta Baptist Church • Faith Baptist Church • Bible Baptist Church • Hanes Baptist Church • Shadow Mt. Baptist Church • Central Baptist Church

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Pic 1 – Pastor Phil Rizzo of the City Baptist Church in hard-hit, storm damaged Hoboken, New Jersey helping community members by providing aide. I had the privilege of preaching the Sunday after the storm.

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Pic 2 – Christchurch Baptist Fellowship

Pic 2 – Our family enjoyed our time at Christchurch Baptist Fellowship with Pastor Johnny Pope. The church voted that night to support our work!

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Pic 3 – Plymouth, Iowa

Pic 3 – A Cambodian family that I had the privilege of meeting at Calvary Bible Baptist Church in Plymouth, Iowa. It was such a neat story how this family came to the meeting.

chanthachhimMerry Christmas from Singapore