July Ministry Update

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Crosslight Chapel, Barhara, Nepal. We are grateful for another church plant in the eastern Himalayas. Through the generosity of some donated land and the diligent outreach efforts of our staff, students, and some American volunteers, we were able to plant another church. A team of volunteers sourced supplies and built the church in under one week. Special thanks to Cendal Engle and his brother Cody Engle from Detroit, Michigan, for their fundraising and leading the construction efforts. 

I am thankful for our local national leaders that have been faithful to visit the village of Barhara. This is a village in Nepal near the northern Indian border where many of the village folks are mainly from India. Through the outreach efforts, diligent evangelism, and faithful discipleship of
believers in this area, our SEAL Leadership Training Centre graduate student is now serving as the chapel pastor.  Praise be to Jesus as this is now the fifth mission work in Nepal. Our goal is to have one church plant in every district of Nepal within the next ten years. By God’s grace, we endeavor to plant seventy-five churches within the next ten years

SEAL Leadership Training Centre Nepal. In the month of May, I traveled to Dharan, Nepal, to be with our SEAL Network Nepal staff and students. This was a very special trip as we were able to graduate our first group of students from our Leadership Training Centre. The Training Centre was established as part of our efforts to train leaders in Nepal for ministry to the unreached people groups of the Himalayas. I was so proud of the ten graduating students for their diligent efforts of intense preparation for ministry. Your prayers for them and any financial support will go a long way as these students continue to serve in the Himalayas.


 4 Saved and 10 Baptized in Nepal. Over the past few months, our Nepal staff have been able to see four people trust the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour.  Raj Rijal was the victim of a major 7.3 earthquake that struck Nepal in 2015. Because of this tragic event, Raj lost his family.  Our team has been sharing the gospel with him at our newest chapel in Barhara. In June, he traveled with our team to another one of our SEAL chapels, Khorsani Chapel. It was during this trip that the Lord allowed us to answer more of his questions regarding the gospel of Jesus Christ, and Raj decided to trust the Lord as his personal Saviour.

 One of the joys of our ministry in Nepal is the privilege of baptizing. Our national leaders are so kind in allowing me to baptize the new believers with each of our national pastors. On this recent trip, we were able to baptize 10 believers. This included some of our young people from our orphanage. One of our newest baptism candidates was an elderly 70+ year-old Nepali lady who was saved when she attended one of our chapels. 

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Testimony about Manson and Grace Ng.  A little over one year ago, Manson and Grace came to visit our church in Singapore. Manson grew up in a Chinese Singapore Taoist family, but he trusted Christ in his late twenties. Grace, on the other hand, grew up in a Roman Catholic family in the Philippines. Through several conversations, Susan and I had the privilege of leading Grace to the Lord in our living room. Grace was later baptized in our new church location. Shortly after Manson and Grace attended our church, a tragic accident and Manson’s diabetic condition caused a need for his right leg to be amputated.  After much waiting, we can rejoice with him that he was able to receive his prosthetic leg. This has been so helpful as he was able to walk up the stairs to my office to do our weekly discipleship. Prior, we always met in our Crosskids room. Earlier this year, Manson and Grace enrolled in a Bible institute to begin their ministry preparation to help lead in our Singapore church as well as help with church planting efforts in the Philippines. 

Prayers Answered. We Are on A Short Furlough. We are so grateful for the providence of God. At the beginning of 2017, the Lord brought a national Singaporean pastor to join us full-time in helping to establish Crosslight. Pastor Joshua Leow and his wife, Betty, have been tremendous assets to the Lord’s work in Singapore. They both love the Lord and have been in ministry for years. Their daughter and son-in-law also serve with us in different aspects of the ministry. Nathan (son-in-law) and Melody serve in the student ministries and help in our music and worship program. The timeliness in their joining us allowed us to take our first short furlough.

We left in early June and will return to Singapore in mid-August, just in time to celebrate our four-year anniversary of Crosslight Singapore. While in the United States, we will be visiting with a few mission partners in Arkansas, Texas, North Carolina, Florida, Tennessee, Illinois, and Iowa. Our summer schedule is packed with traveling and ministering in these different states. We are hopeful to utilize this time to be refreshed before we go back to Singapore for our second term. 

This furlough trip is critical for the entire family. Caleb and Corban will be attending youth camp and a youth conference. We are hopeful that this will help them to continue making spiritual decisions for the Lord. For Susan, we hope that this trip will allow her mind and body the rest that it needs. In May, Susan suffered another health setback when she had to be hospitalized after experiencing a seizure. Susan is very active ministering in Singapore and to other missionary wives in Asia. Aside from being a pastor’s wife and mom to three active boys, Susan serves in our Singapore church in music, children’s ministry, weekly personal discipleship, bi-weekly group discipleship, and leads our woman’s ministry. We are praying for wisdom and grace so none of us ever get to the point of burnout in ministry.

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Thank you for your prayers. Please pray with us about the following things:

  1. Our furlough time to the USA would be refreshing. June 6-August 20.
  2. Our furlough time to the USA would be productive and encouraging in visiting a few of our partners.
  3. Susan’s health to improve from her last hospitalization due to seizures which were induced by stress.
  4. Caleb and Corban to make spiritual decisions as they attend youth camp and youth conference in the USA this summer.
  5. Our church in Singapore to be approved for registration.
  6. Our SEAL Network China ministry team to grow despite certain limitations.
  7. Our Singapore church members to be united as we come back to serve in our next term.
  8. Our SEAL Network team in Nepal are praying for the dormitory provision to have more ladies for intake this Fall semester.
  9. Wisdom in making some key decisions for SEAL.
  10. Our SEAL Network China team as they too are on a short furlough in the states. 
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