December 2016 Ministry Update

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Serving the Chinese People. In the month of October, I had the privilege of traveling to China to serve with one of our mission partners. I was so blessed to see him serve in his ministry. I was given the opportunity to speak to his people and staff on different occasions. The main purpose of this trip was to coordinate our plans for a Spring 2017 Leadership Summit. I am excited that Chinese leaders will be attending.

Please pray for the opportunities to serve the Chinese believers. God has done an amazing work despite the limitations of freedom. I would dare say that because of the limitation of freedoms, that Chinese Christians have grown and matured more rapidly.

Youth Outreach Through Basketball. For the last several months, we’ve been reaching out to the youths in our nearby community. Every Friday we connect with them through basketball. The Lord has allowed us to see many of these boys come to visit our church. Please pray for open doors to minister and share the Gospel. Most of these boys have never been to church. 

Pray for: Noven, Wayne, Jimmy, Andy, Aloysius, Jing Jie, Wei Ming, Zhen Zhi, Kogan, Alphonse, Maxine, and Mex.

New House Church in Nepal. Our team in Nepal continues to do an amazing job serving the Nepalese people.  We are thankful for the many opportunities to share the Gospel. In the last quarter, our students and Nepal team started three new home Bible studies. Hanson is pictured above with a family that recently invited us to start a new chapel in their home. Please pray that these home churches can help to grow these believers in the Lord.  

Because of the generosity of our mission partners, the Lord used you to help fund transportation for our ministry in Nepal. We were able to purchase a scooter and a motorcycle so that the team can travel to nearby villages to serve the communities.

Urgent Prayer Requests. Our paperwork to continue working and living in Singapore is currently pending an approval. We expect to hear back with a final answer very soon. Our continued ability to serve the Singaporean people is contigent upon this approval. Likewise, the registration of our church is within the same pending status.

Prayer Requests: 

  1. Biggest Prayer Request: Church registration process for SG government to approve. We are close!
  2. Salvations: Calvin, Kelvin, Zizi, Selva, Yap, Jacqueline, See Tong
  3. Wisdom for USA Furlough Considerations


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chanthachhimDecember 2016 Ministry Update