April 2016 Ministry Update

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pic1 Easter Service Highlights. We are grateful for how the Lord blessed our church with a tremendous attendance of over twenty first-time visitors and many returning guests. Our church family worked hard to invite the community to our Easter service. We printed and distributed six thousand custom Easter invitations. I was so encouraged that many members had guests with them on that Sunday.

My family and I have invited our next door neighbors to church several times. They finally came for a visit. Praise God! Please continue to pray for them, especially their salvation. Their names are listed in the salvation prayer requests.

Another encouraging testimony in which I would like to share is that of a lady by the name of Janice. About two years ago, I passed her an invitation to visit our church whilst traveling on the public metro. Janice did not reach out to us until very recently. Since then, my wife and I began meeting and communicating with Janice on a regular basis. Janice and her husband are Christians but have been disillusioned with Christianity due to certain circumstances in their life. I am happy to report to you that they both came to our Easter service. We look forward to having them visit our home very soon so that we can continue to love them and encourage them in their faith. Please pray for this couple. This is a sweet couple that just needs a pastor and church family to support them during this season of their lives.

To see photos of our Easter service, please visit our church Facebook page here.

pic2 9 Saved. We are grateful for how the Lord worked in the hearts of so many who heard the Gospel. Our church witnessed nine people who stood up to acknowledge that they received the gift of salvation. It was so special! Indian couple who had received our door-to-door invitation was a part of that group who received Christ.

pic31 Baptized. Ester is a Filipina living and working in Singapore. She was saved last year but has been reluctant to be baptized. We are thankful that she finally committed to follow the Lord in making her decision public.

SEAL Leadership Training Centre. Prayers have been answered in the seed money of $25,000 toward the new leadership centre in Nepal. We are so grateful for the Lord’s provision through the members of Nebo Crossing Church in North Carolina for helping to fund this project. The renovation work is in process, and we will soon begin training men and women for the gospel ministry in the Himalayas. Our local director Hanson Pampuinath will be traveling to Singapore for the purpose of helping me coordinate our efforts for the remaining 2016 calendar year. He will also be part of our missions conference and will share with our Crosslight family what God is doing in Nepal.

Discipleship. I am so proud of my wife Susan. She has surpassed me in discipling. She now disciples five different ladies on different days of the week. I am thankful for a godly wife from whom our ladies can receive modeling and mentoring in their faith.

Prayer Requests:

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chanthachhimApril 2016 Ministry Update