Singapore Update – Week #2

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Our second week of being in Singapore. What a wonderful ministry the Lord is allowing us to have here. We continue to stand amazed at all the opportunities that God continues to put in our paths. It certainly is a joy to serve Him!

Much of our week was spent with Ambassador Baptist Church. This was the week that they conducted their annual Vacation Bible School. We had the opportunity to be the guest speakers aside from participating in all the activities. The Lord used the program and all the volunteer staff to see a wonderful moving of God. Many children came to know Christ through the sound teaching and preaching of the Word of God. A very unique and amazing circumstance was to see the sight of four devout Muslims attending the VBS. The mother and three young boys attended the first day of the program. We thank the Lord that they were able to hear very plainly the Gospel message. This is quite unusual that a Muslim would attend a Christian event of this sort. Generally, Muslims keep their distance from anything not relating to their religion, but we praise the Lord for this open door of opportunity.

Another miracle was the location of where we conducted our VBS. The church was able to rent a public school to hold the VBS. The country of Singapore is very diverse and is a melting pot of peoples and religions. In an attempt to be politically correct, the government generally does not allow public institutions (schools) to mix religion and government. But we praise the Lord for the details working in our favor. Please pray for many of the teenagers and upper primaries that came to know the Lord. Many of them will face some sort of persecution for their decision to trust Christ. A few of the girls in specific asked me how to approach their parents because they knew that this decision would cause some backlash from the family. The Lord allowed me to use my personal testimony and background to guide them in their public decision.

Please pray for a young man by the name of Edward. He lost his grandfather this week, yet he participated in all the VBS activities and helped in a tremendous way. I was encouraged to see his strong faith. His grandfather is a Taoist so they had a Taoist funeral for him this week. I was thrilled to be educated and to experience first hand the funeral practice of this religion. There is a great percentage of Singaporeans that practice this false religion. I was saddened to see how they worship the dead and burn incense, money, and other miscellaneous items in an attempt to send these items with him to the “afterlife”. Please pray that we can continue to minister to the family and many Taoist here in Singapore.

I covet your prayers for Open Bible Baptist Church. The Lord has allowed our family to minister at this very struggling church. In recent months, they have been without a pastor and are struggling to keep the doors open. I met with them this week to encourage them and assist them in resolving their current situation as well as assist in finding them a permanent pastor. If you are interested or know of someone that may be interested, please contact me. The faith and steadfastness of these remaining Christians was certainly admirable and encouraging. Please pray for the current leader, Brother Jacob. Pray that God will show them exactly what they will need to do to move forward in their church.

Our family is continuing to adjust. We love it! Caleb and Corban have found many friends here. Please pray for baby Carter. He is still struggling with his normal schedule. As I update you on our ministry tonight, Carter is running a fever. We are praying that God will preserve our health while we are in the country. We love you all and miss you dearly. Please continue to stay in contact via Facebook, Twitter, and email.

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Your Servants in the Lord,

Chantha and Susan Chhim
Caleb, Corban, and Carter

chanthachhimSingapore Update – Week #2