Singapore Update – Week #1

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Praise the Lord for His provision! God continues to supply our every need. As you know we arrived in Singapore on Wednesday and have begun to settle into our new apartment (HDB flat). We decided to purposely rent a very common and ordinary apartment that the average Singaporean would be living in rather than a hotel, apartment, house or condo that typical westerners would generally be staying. Despite this choice, it is amazing how expensive it is to live in Singapore. The average going rate for the purchase of a very standard government subsidized HDB flat ranges from $700-$1,200 square feet. Because of this, even rental is very high.

My pastor friend, Johnny Tan and his family have been extremely gracious in assisting us with our sundries and practical needs. What wonderful Christian friends we have made in Singapore. Many church members are volunteering themselves continuously to assure that our needs are met. Praise the Lord! It is a humbling experience to see them graciously serve, especially when we have come to be a blessing to them.

Friday was Susan’s birthday. She turned ******! We were able to celebrate with a few of our friends from Ambassador Baptist Church Singapore. We attended a small Bible study and prayer meeting in their new church facilities. I am encouraged to see how God is supplying the needs for this congregation. The pastor is a very sincere, humble and compassionate man who dearly loves his people. I am encouraged to see the progress of this work. They initially established themselves as a mission church sent out of the Maranatha Baptist Church Singapore. Our home church, Gospel Light, was able to support this work after my initial visit back in 2007. We were able to financially and prayerfully support this work for one year. What a privilege to see first hand how God has blessed this congregation. Last year, the Lord has allowed them to go independent and are now financially self-sustaining.

We covet your prayers as the Lord has allowed us the privilege of filling many pulpits here in Singapore but specifically as God opens the door for us to minister to Open Bible Baptist Church. I met with the leader, Jacob, who served as a deacon and is leading the congregation during an absence of a pastor. Through much struggle, the remaining handful of members still left continue to sacrifice and persevere until God supplies a pastor to lead them. I trust that God will allow us to encourage their hearts and assist them in finding a pastor that would desire to see this work move forward.

If you would like to donate to our ministry, here are several ways:

  1. Click the Donate Button on this website. (this will allow us almost immediate access to funds)
  2. Send your financial support to our home church: Gospel Light Baptist Church c/o Chhim Family-Singapore • 600 Garland Avenue • Hot Springs, AR 71913
chanthachhimSingapore Update – Week #1

4 Comments on “Singapore Update – Week #1”

  1. Mindy

    It is so good to hear that things are going well for you all. Next week I want to see a picture of Susan and the boys too. We already miss you guys so much. I’m running really low on Caleb hugs =). Can’t wait to hear more about your time in Singapore. We love you and miss you bunches!!
    The Weatherford’s

  2. Angie Zachary

    Hi, Chhims,

    Somehow, I missed that you were already in Singapore. Trust all is going well for you. Are you there for just a survey trip of some sort–or is this the final move?

    Mrs. Z

  3. chanthachhim

    Hello Mrs. Zachary,
    We are doing great! We are attempting to get ourselves adjusted to Singapore. We are currently being sent out from our church as an extended ministry opportunity. We are very thankful for the graciousness of our pastor and ministry for allowing us to be gone for this extended period. It certainly is a privilege. The Lord has allowed us to serve with a few churches and pastors here. We pray that we can be used to the greatest effectiveness while we are here for the next few months. Please stay updated with our ministry happenings via our blog or facebook. Thank you for your prayers. God bless!

  4. Anonymous

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