Somerset Bible Baptist Church – Somerset, New Jersey

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Pastor and Mrs. Bryan Miller

Our next journey took us to the Northeast Corridor where our first stop was one of my personal favorites, Somerset Bible Baptist Church in Somerset, New Jersey. Somerset Bible Baptist Church is probably one of my favorites just because I have a great personal friend, Pastor Brian Fisher. Brian serves as the Assistant Pastor working for his father-in-law, Pastor Bryan Miller.

It is amazing how God can use different events in our life to bring about some of our greatest friendships. When I started Solid Rock Publications with Pastor Eric Capaci, I worked very closely with several pastors. Depending upon the projects I was creating for them, we would have to talk often and exchange many emails to see a project finished. Brian Fisher was among the first of my most loyal customers. God bonded our hearts from the beginning and allowed us to see many projects completed.

Pastor Brian Fisher

When I called Brian about our new calling to be missionaries in Singapore, he was so supportive and talked with his father-in-law, Pastor Bryan Miller, to get us into their church on the appropriate dates. I am so thankful they allowed me to share with them what God had been doing in our hearts. As we visited with this great family, we noticed they had faced trials like so many of us in this Christian life. However, they have handled these life-experiences with grace and dignity. Through much opposition over many years, this family has never given up or stepped away from God’s will. Do we all face hardship? Yes! Does it mean God loves us any less? No! Does is mean we give up on Him? Absolutely Not! My wife and I were so encouraged to see the reality of trial even through faithfulness. To us, it was like apples of gold in pictures of silver! Pastor & Mrs. Miller are first-class people with a heart for God, serving along-side their family and church members to see God’s goals accomplished in their community.

We enjoyed our time greatly with the Miller and Fisher families. Some people leave lasting impressions in your life and they have already left an impact on us!

chanthachhimSomerset Bible Baptist Church – Somerset, New Jersey