Small Town – Big Vision

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Praise the Lord for what He is doing at this little town of Nebo, North Carolina. The population of Nebo is no greater than 4,500, yet tucked away in the beautiful mountains is this fantastic church. I had the privilege of speaking at Eastside in the month of October for their leadership emphasis week with Dr. Doug Fisher.

Bob became the senior pastor in 2010 and has led the church to double it’s attendance and membership. His vision and strategy for continued church growth compels the many members to action. They adopted a fresh, new logo along with a purpose statement that sets the tone and vision of the church. They have learned the art of simplifying vision and giving full clarity to what they believe as members where God would have them to go.

Earlier this year, God allowed them to fully complete a 2.5 million dollar auditorium that makes any church in the area marvel at how this was accomplished. When I ask senior pastor, Bob Ritter, “How is it that this church has grown to such great heights in your short tenor as senior pastor?” Pastor Bob replies, “I can’t explain it, if I tried, then it probably means that God was not in it.” Surely, a humble and modest answer, but definitely the right answer.

After speaking with Pastor Bob further, we both came to realize that it all stemmed from what he believes to be the easy vision and clarified purpose of his church. Utilizing this tool to gather his membership together and unifying his membership around the purpose statement: Connect, Grow, Serve has helped tremendously.

The first year that Pastor Bob came to this ministry, he sought the partnership of Solid Rock Communications. Together, they formed an identity and branding that would set the tone and pace for this ministry. Working with the staff at Solid Rock, Pastor Bob organized his vision for the year to produce materials that would grow his people. I believe that this initial investment has produced great dividends for the ministry today.

I am personally so proud of how God us using my friend Pastor Bob Ritter. Bob and I worked on staff at Gospel Light Baptist Church in Hot Spring, Arkansas before God led him to the work at Eastside Baptist Church. I believe that great things are in stored for this ministry, should it continue this path of strategic growth and obtainable vision.

Pastor Bob Ritter
Eastside Baptist Church
963 Harmony Grove Rd
Nebo, NC 28761



chanthachhimSmall Town – Big Vision