Celebrating 25 Years of Ministry

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Dr. Gene Wolfenbarger

For any pastor to be in one church pastoring for 25 years is an amazing milestone. This is true for Dr. and Mrs. Gene Wolfenbarger as they prepare to celebrate their 25th Anniversary of starting Joshua Baptist Church of Joshua/Burleson, Texas, this coming June 2011. What a testimony for Christ of faithfulness and longevity in ministry. Dr. Gene Wolfenbarger is 71 years of age, but certainly with the vitality of a 40 year-old.  I was amazed to see him in ministry action as he greeted his people, preached behind the pulpit and led the congregation. I found his charisma and zeal for Christ to be very inspiring! Joshua Baptist Church is located outside the greater Fort Worth metropolitan area.

We had the amazing opportunity to be a part of Joshua Baptist Church during their recent Mission Emphasis month. It is humbling to know they support hundreds of missionaries all around the world! Among placing a great importance on missions, Joshua has many thriving outreach ministries, an Internet radio broadcast that has listeners all around the world and a tremendous Christian school.

It was refreshing to see the spirit of unity as the members rallied together to impact the world through missions giving. We were directly impacted as a result of their generosity and heart for missions. It is not too often that a missionary church planter will hear from a pastor the words, “We would like to begin supporting your ministry right away.” This was the case for Joshua Baptist Church. I understand that these are perilous times in our world, unrest amongst different regions, natural disasters and an economic downturn, however this is why it is crucial to support worldwide missions. We must get the gospel all around the world before it is too late. Christ’s return is eminent and very near.

Joshua Baptist Church: Thank you for reaching out to our family. Your love and hospitality made us feel so welcome during our stay. We know sacrifices were made to make all your accomplishments during Mission Emphasis Month possible. We could sense your love and humility! Your ministry is an amazing work of God! It is a lighthouse for Christ in the Forth Worth area. Keep serving the Lord and thank you for loving us!





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chanthachhimCelebrating 25 Years of Ministry