Why Asia? Why Not?

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From the moment I made my Asia ministry public, I have been asked, “Why Asia? Why would you choose to live and minister in an area of the world that is still developing?” To answer this question more articulately, please read on and allow me to acknowledge why I believe Asia is not only the place where the moving and stirring of God is happening, but why strategically, now is the time, and Southeast Asia is the place.

I remember hearing a passionate quote that helped me to go forward with what I believe God wanted our family to do in the Kingdom of Christ. “Leaders never know the nature of the mark they make until long after they have made it. They never know the legacy they will leave until after they have left it.” My prayer is not that I can personally make a mark in Asia, but that the mark of Christ can be made in Asia and we are just willing vessels. In understanding revival and Christianity trends, it appears that the winds of revival seem to blow westward. Well, Asia is in great alignment to experience that revival. Have you heard and seen what God is doing in China, Vietnam, India, Philippines, Thailand, Korea and Burma. Despite the great persecution of some of these countries, God is doing some incredible works. Many are coming to know Christ as their personal Saviour. Many churches are being established. Leaders are being trained and developed to continue the work at hand.

To understand Asia as a whole is to understand an area that is rapidly evolving and changing before our very eyes. Consider this; from a political, economic, social, and spiritual perspective, Asia’s landscape changes every year. As the world moves, so does Asia.

As a minister of the Gospel having been born in Cambodia, raised in Southern California, studied theology in Northern California, serving in a thriving church in the Mid-South, and having exposure to all parts of America, my goal is to be a bridge and advocate of spiritual understanding. I desire to challenge Christians in America to consider Asia as a great potential place to invest in a spiritual kingdom.

Let us understand exactly what makes up Asia: Burma (Myanmar), Brunei, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos, Philippines, India, Thibet, Mongolia, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Japan, and Korea.

One of the most encouraging insights that I have witnessed and experienced is the overwhelming amount of people trusting Christ and converting their religion to Christianity. I praise the Lord for the many evangelists that have been challenged to reach the multitudes before it is too late, I would like to challenge ministers to come, stay, build, and grow these young Christians. Without solid, Bible-believing churches, many of these young Christians have no foundation in which to build upon their faith. Many are returning back to their former religions because of pressure from society, family, and even persecution. Will you partner with me? Will you partner with God for this ready harvest field? 

If you would like to support this great opportunity, please contact me. Allow me to share this vision!

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chanthachhimWhy Asia? Why Not?