Planning and Prodding

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I manage a decent size staff and many different responsibilities between my duties at Gospel Light Baptist Church and Solid Rock Communications. Daily, I have to maintain an active communication channel with my staff as well as a personal to-do list.  I have always been a big Microsoft Office (Outlook) user even while using an Apple Computer. About two years ago, I switched completely over to Entourage (Microsoft’s version of Outlook for MAC). I later switched to Base Camp, an online project management program. However, not too long ago, I came across Action Method.

This has been a great source of project management for me and I have come to love this program. The company that produced this online cloud to-do-list has come pretty close to perfecting a methodical action plan to accomplish tasks. I personally love it. They have a free trial version, but I guarantee that you will love it too and use it so much that you will end up paying for their service. Once again, definitely worth it. Expect to pay about $12/month or $99/year.

If you are looking for a program or method of accomplishing tasks, I would highly suggest using this.


chanthachhimPlanning and Prodding