Plan for Growth

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This is a pretty simple quandary. Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Should an organization hire someone to help with boom-home-business-growth-chartresponsibilities or wait til the responsibilities are too large then hire him? I have seen this mistake happen in many organizations, specifically, churches. A pastor will be the song director, youth director, janitor, etc… He will wait for growth and then hire. Although, not a bad idea, I would dare say, not the best idea. There is not enough vision and growth in this particular planning.

Here is something that I have noticed in explosive church work–there is always someone leading with great passion. A worship service must have a passionate worship leader. A great student ministry must have a passionate leader. A great Sunday school group must have a passionate leader. So the question is then, “How do I find this great passionate leader?” That will solve all the problems right? Sure, but you must be willing to spend resources. You have heard the old cliche, “You’ve got to spend money to make money.” This is true, but it does not exactly mean that you have to spend literal dollars. Notice I said resources. Be willing to spend the resource of investing your time to train someone. Be willing to share your vision and allow someone to grasp it. This is called delegation. Every great leader of yesteryear and today has learned this principle.

I have worked with a particular organization that saw explosive growth in the first few years of its existence. I believe that the leadership of this organization knew this principle and even better–embraced this principle. Immediately, the visionary leader drafted an action plan that would allow him to hire two key leaders to assist in the vision. From there, they spent a matter of two years putting all the components in place prior to the launch of this new ministry. Needless to say, because of his decisive thinking, the ministry reached a record attendance in the history of schools of like denomination. As a matter of fact, for the next four years, the school continued to grow despite being the “new kid” on the block. Why? Because of his planning for growth. He knew in his mind what he wanted to achieve in the first five years of the organization. He prayed, planned and prepared patiently. He knew that he could not carry out the vision by himself. He knew others would have to catch the vision. He hired the right people. He did not wait til the organization was big enough to hire these two key leaders, he hired them before the school was established. If you want your church to grow, what area would you like to see growth? Then hire that key leader to grow that area! Remember, you must spend money to make money!

Let me give you a Biblical parallel. Jesus Christ is the greatest leader of all times. He learned and understood this principle of “planning for growth” to the infinite degree. He knew that he could not turn the world upside down unless he enlisted the help. With the establishment of his ministry, He began by enlisting twelve men that understood the vision of what He was sent to do. He invested in these men. He spent time daily with these men. He trained these men. Because of his decisive leadership, most of the known world has now heard of the name Jesus Christ. You see, Jesus planned for growth. He didn’t attempt to do it by Himself, He enlisted help. In planning for growth, the first step is to recruit help. Do not wait til your organization is “big enough” to get help.

In conclusion, make sure you set your organization up for success by planning for it and enlisting the help PRIOR to launching the program. Do not launch the program because you have the vision and you plan on organizing it, running it, and growing it. It will not grow to its greatest potential with this thinking. You must allow someone that you have mentored to catch the vision. Once they have caught it, they will execute it. Once they have executed it, they will expand it. Now, that is growth!

chanthachhimPlan for Growth