How To Prioritize Your Ministry Budget

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For many ministries across the country, your fiscal year is about to end and your new fiscal year will begin July 1. If this is not your ministry, no worries, keep reading. You can still be helped! Actually, in more ways, you may just be helped more since you have more time to chew and implement these processes in which I will lay out for you.

Do you ever feel overwhelmed at the end of the year or at the beginning of the year? To tell the truth, many of us do not drive our church, but rather we allow the church (or the duties of the church) to drive us. We allow the busyness of the ministry to drive what we need to accomplish next. We attack projects by way of urgency and immediacy.

This is a practical lesson and insight as to how I help organizations plan out their budget and processes. I will guarantee that the thoughts behind this lesson will greatly impact your organization in a great manner. This will help you avoid frustration. It is a method whereby you can reflect or use as a guide.

Please bear in mind that I am writing this in respect to the position that I hold at my church. Likewise, you in yours.

7 Practical Priorities in Church Work (financially speaking)

  1. Pastor Be sure you take care of the pastor. For the scripture saith, Thou shalt not muzzle the ox that treadeth out the corn. And, The labourer is worthy of his reward. I Timothy 5:18. Financially and spiritually speaking, you must take care of the man of God and his family.
  2. Personnel What have you done to better the livelihood and working environment of the people that have given and committed to your vision? I read such an encouraging article from Inc Magazine on the top 10 Employee Perks. Not necessarily saying that you have to do everyone of these. But it is the thought behind it. What are you doing to show the people that work for you that you care about them and are putting their needs first? After all, they are there to help you, working for you to fulfill your vision.
  3. People The people that God has given you to lead and shepherd, what are you doing to help them? Are you spending time with them? Are you leading them? Are you feeding them? Are you directing them? You must! You must! You must take care of them. For if you take care of them, God will send you more. Want to grow your church? Take care and lead your sheep properly.  What are you doing in the budget that says that you are taking care of the people that God has given you?
  4. Priorities What are the priorities that you have in your ministry? Make sure that you execute your budget by this list. This will help you spend your budget dollars accordingly. Don’t just let things happen this year. Plan accordingly. Prioritize your work. Work you priorities.
  5. Programs What are some of the ministries that provide the most impact within your church and community? These are the programs within the church that needs constant review and analysis. Be sure that your church does not have a ministry just because another church across the country has that ministry as well and you thought that it might be a neat ministry to have. Is it effective? Does it produce changed lives? Remember, you will have to give an account of the money that God gave through your church. Don’t finance a ministry just because you are passionate about it. And don’t under finance a ministry because you aren’t as passion about it.
  6. Projects Is this the year that you may have to delay a big project? OR Is this the year to do a big project? Nevertheless, projects should be considered last. Don’t go into a building project this year if God has not given you the vision to do so. Don’t go into a big project this year if you have not consulted other leaders within your organization or experts in the field. Don’t go into projects this year just so that you can say you did something big this year. Don’t go into a project if you have not counted the cost or counted your money.
  7. Personally Be sure to take care of yourself. Are you spiritually ready to give of yourself this year? Are you financially ready to give of yourself this year? How is your family doing? How is your marriage doing? How are you—REALLY? A self check-up is always one of the best check-ups.
chanthachhimHow To Prioritize Your Ministry Budget