How to Plan for Major Events

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Has your leader given you a task to accomplish that seems insurmountable? calendar Are you already overwhelmed at the thought of the man-power, resources, time, effort to accomplish the task? This post is for you.  Here are a few steps that I take in order to make big events happen:

  1. Pray. This is not just a cliche. I mean it! Don’t ever start anything without involving God. Remember, “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.”
  2. Visualize. If you cannot see yourself getting it done, then you probably aren’t going to get it done.
  3. Start early. If it is big, start early. If it is really big, start really early.
  4. Work backwards. If the event is in June, work backwards from June so that you can set deadlines for yourself and your team.
  5. Involve others. People love to help. Look for several key people that can lead key components of the event and ask them to recruit people for their team.
  6. Details. Everything is in the details even the devil himself knows this. Pay careful attention to these and you will have a great event. Allow your leader to take care of the big stuff and you involve yourself in the details.
  7. Plan “B”. Yes…that is right, if you don’t have a plan “B”, you might as well not have a plan “A”.
  8. Communicate. Put together a planning calendar and outline the expectations for each team and assignment. Meet as oft as possible to keep the momentum going and the excitement high.
  9. Get the word out. Do this early. Do this often. Do this with enthusiasm. Advertise. Promote. Broadcast. Facebook®, Twitter®, Homepage, text, email, phone, letter, postcard, whatever…just do it!
  10. Aftermeet. Yes, it is a new word that I just made up. But as soon as the event is over, be sure to meet with your team members the day after. Talk about it. What were some highlights, low lights, improvements, positives, negatives. What can be done to make this even better and bigger next year?
chanthachhimHow to Plan for Major Events