Passenger’s Point of View

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The Passenger’s Point of View

It may be exciting to hear about the blessings, dreams, and support of other churches from the “visionary,” the “head of the household,” the “man in charge,” the “driver.” He likes to paint beautiful pictures for the Twitter followers, Facebook friends, and the outsiders looking in from the window of the Internet. Are all the pictures painted really that great? What really happens in the old Silver Sienna for miles and miles of road time? If you are interested to see the world through the passenger’s point of view, then keep reading.

Is the picture always beautiful? The answer to that question is no. It’s not possible to say that seeing miles and miles of endless asphalt surrounded by acres of forestry in uncultured land is always beautiful. Please don’t misconstrue the thought; God’s creation is always magnificent. I’m referring to travel in-and-of itself. Naturally, we (our family) are not travelers, we are stable, scheduled people. So, the idea of being on the schedule of another is a bit overwhelming.

Putting all negativity aside, (and believe me, there have been some trying moments), I must say the experiences we have had on the road have been comparable to nothing we have ever experienced! We have encountered many new friends. We have had opportunities to encourage others, and so many have been a tremendous blessing and encouragement to us! We have seen the evidence of God’s leading in our daily lives! I am so overwhelmed that an Almighty God would want to have this kind of involvement in our simple life! If I had the opportunity to explain every little detail of God’s provision, our readers would be amazed at what we are seeing! We have tried, however, to post some of our exciting happenings on Twitter and Facebook for our supporters and partners to experience with us. We just want you, the supporter; to know that the prayers and finances you are sacrificing to give is not in vain! God is moving us forward and closer to Singapore to begin establishing churches.


Viewing deputation life from the passengers seat is usually never quite as exciting as the driver. The driver is the leader, the driver is the adventurer, and the driver is the explorer, in our case, Chantha Chhim. However, I must say that the boys and I have learned to enjoy journey. It is amazing to experience the hand of God in churches all across America. We truly ARE a blessed nation, and how privileged are we to see it firsthand!


So, the question remains, “what exactly is the passenger’s point of view?” The point of view is the will of God through the windowpane. The point of view is the lessons learned through months of deputation that are needed to begin our next step in life’s journey. The point of view is God drawing us closer as a family as we embark on a new chapter. The point of view from this passenger is that the experience is priceless.

chanthachhimPassenger’s Point of View