How to Help Matt Cretzman Family

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My family and I continue to weep for Matt and Lana in the loss of 3 yr-old, Azlynn Cretzman. Such a beautiful little girl. Such a sweet heart. Such a joyful face. However, we know that she is in the arms of her Heavenly Father. Azlynn is just that precious that God wanted her with Him in Heaven. The thought really hit home as we continue to pray for the Cretzmans. We too travel as missionaries practically everyday. We too have small children. I cannot begin to process what is going on in the mind and heart of Matt and Lana.

Sometimes it is not just the prayers of God’s people that we need, but rather an outward expression of that love. It is no doubt that many prayers are being lifted for Matt, Lana, and Maddison. Your prayers for are being felt and God is intervening on your behalf for the Cretzmans. I am amazed at the incredible faith of this young missionary. His first public acknowledgement after having some time to gather his thoughts were,via #Twitter @mcretzman “Psalms 61:2, “when my heart is overwhelmed: lead me to the rock that is higher than I.” surgery for Lana at 7am to repair broken leg.” Wow! Such incredible faith! Where does it come from? Undoubtedly, it is the same faith in the same God that we all have access to, if we would just ask and seek for it. One of Matt’s life verse that he claims from Scripture is “Call unto me and I will answer thee and show thee great and mighty things thou knowest not.” Jeremiah 33:3. It is pretty obvious that Matt is seeking God to answer and do great and might things.

Many have asked about how to help Matt and Lana. As I spoke with Matt earlier in the day about his needs and how to best help, his response was nothing but humble. “Just your prayers.” Matt says. As we continued in our conversation, I realized there were some great needs at hand. I realized there were great expenses at hand. The family does not have health insurance. The vehicle is leased through Baptist Missionary Transportation, which consequently does have insurance, but, nevertheless, he will require finances for another vehicle. The Cretzmans do not have insurance or adequate finances to cover funeral plans and arrangements for precious Azlynn.

After speaking thoroughly with Matt and then speaking to his sending church pastor, Pastor Kevin Folger, this is how God’s people can help:

  1. Love gifts (CHECKS) can be sent to:
    Cleveland Baptist Church
    C/o Cretzman Benevolence Fund
    4431 Tiedeman Road
    Cleveland, OH 44144
    tel. (216) 671-2822
  2. Love gifts (immediate access) via Paypal:

Would you consider financially helping this special missionary? Would you continue to pray for them?

Cards and words of encouragement can be sent to them via email or to the Cleveland Baptist Church C/o Matt & Lana Cretzman.


chanthachhimHow to Help Matt Cretzman Family

58 Comments on “How to Help Matt Cretzman Family”

  1. Mike Morris

    Thanks Bro. Chantha for keeping us posted through all of this. What a tremendous encouragement this young family’s faith has been!

  2. Darlyne Stewart

     Thank you for letting us know this!  Did he by chance go to West Coast?  I wish I knew them!

  3. chanthachhim

     Matt went to school at Faithway Baptist College in Ontario, Canada. This has been acknowledged by many to be the best independent Baptist college in Canada. I look forward to being there. I will be speaking at the church and preaching in the college. A great ministry for sure. Many missionaries have been sent out of there.

  4. Karen

    thankyou for this update…i have posted it …we continue to pray…and know the Lord will more than meet the Cretsmans need…physical, spiritually and emotionally

  5. Philip Monicatharp

    Thank you brother for sharing this with us. We were with them and you as well in the conference at North Valley. What a precious bunch they are. We are so heartbroken for their loss. – Phil Tharp missionary to Ireland.

  6. Scott F.

     Thank you for sharing this information. I only wish I could give more, my heart is broken for this family and the loss they have suffered. May God grant them peace as only He can!

  7. linda elliott

    I’m so very sorry to hear of this great loss.  I’ll pray that God will continue to give the family peace and comfort.  Thank you for sharing.   God Be with You and your family in SE Asia.

    Linda Elliott

  8. Frankdenisi3

    Thanks Bro. Cha for writing about Bro. Matt & his family.  We are praying for them here in the Philippines.  – Frank Denisi

  9. Marsha

    My heart aches for this family.  The losses they have suffered in this horrific tragedy can only be mended by God.  He will bless this family and exceed their needs as only he can do.  I pray that Lana heals quickly from her injuries.  I pray, too, that Matt and Lana support each other through the healing process, providing love and support to each other.  With God’s help may their relationship be strengthened, and not tested.   God knows the loss of a child as he gave his only son on the cross so that we may know eternal life.  He will know what Matt and Lana need to ease their pain and bring them peace.  May their burden be lightened knowing their beautiful daughter is in the loving arms of God, until they meet again.  And finally, may they all know the peace that passes all understanding.  Thanks for sharing this information with us.  Please update when you  have information on Lana’s healing or any other pertinent information.  God bless you and your family as you bring the Good News to SE Asia.  

  10. Missyevette

    Thank you for the info…I was going to send funds to their paypal account…I want to make sure Matt and Lana know that the money I am sending is for them at this time…I think the PAYPAL is the best way to go…so they will have immediate access…Can you just verify that they will know it is for them now?  I am so touched by the love and prayers that I have seen posted on their page…Thanks again for getting involved!!!

  11. chanthachhim

    Yes! They will know what this is for. You can also add a note when you do. This is his personal account. Between Matt, his brother-in-law, and myself, we are sorting through the communications piece and love coming through for the family. Spread the word. Share the link.

  12. praying

    I believe if checks are made out to him and sent to a personal address (not a church) he will not be taxed … had a similar situation happen to a friend and that was what a lawyer advised him to have done.

  13. chanthachhim

    Thank you Brother Tharp. God bless you as you continue your deputation. We love missionaries. God’s blessings upon you, your family, and your ministry.

  14. chanthachhim

    God bless you Brother Frank. God bless your work in the Philippines. Thank for sending your thoughts and prayers for this family.

  15. Aliciab Denning

    Thank you for sharing, I actually heard about the accident via a friend from GA and we all began to spread the word Monday and ask that everyone lift this family up in prayers.  I will have this info sent to my church to see if they can as well post it on our churches website. (First Baptist Concord, Farragut/Knoxville TN). 
    Brooke Denning

  16. Cherie Allen

    I forwarded this information to those I know.  Many prayers are being sent in their behalf.  We had Bro. Matt at our church a few months back.  We were heartbroken to hear what happened.  Thanks for the update.

  17. Tpflederer

    I went on the Church’s website to confirm mailing information and it had their address as Beooklyn, OH 44144. Can you confirm mailing address for love gifts please?

  18. Kevin

    My heart goes out for the Family.. But God can takes thing away from us at any time.. 

  19. Mary Ann Mohler

    So sorry to hear about this families loss. Our prayers go with them and their ministry.Joe and Mary Mohler, missionaries to Belgium.

  20. Beabjean

    they are in my prayers. i pray their faith will persevere  and god will see them through this most difficult   time.

  21. Julio Alcantar

    We are praying for the Cretzman family. We love them and think on often, as they were in our Missions conference last year, where I personally greet them and share time during all that time.

  22. Grant Piper

    Yes it is an amazing college. My brother and sister attended there with Matt. We could never imagine what Matt is going through right now but we shall help in every way possible prayerfully and financially. Thank you for posting this Bro. Chantha

  23. chanthachhim

    Yes. The Brooklyn OH address is correct. Thank you for the consideration

  24. Alaina from Greenville, SC

    We have four children of our own and I cannot comprehend the pain Matt and Lana are enduring.  I pray God gives them peace in this time of need.  I am truly humbled and undeserving.  My husband and I are happy to donate to this sweet family. 

  25. Debbie

    Thank you so much for this information. The whole family is on our prayer list but, to know more about what we can physically do is great! My husband pastors the Victory Baptist Church in Vail, AZ. It is the 3rd church that God has allowed us to start. Last year Matt was with us and shared his burden and ministry to Cuba. Everyone fell in love with them. We just saw them in Oct or Nov at a friends church and had sweet fellowship with them. Thanks again for letting us know what more we can do.

  26. Leonard Family

    What to say…My Prayers are with the family of God’s newest little Angel! <3
    Prayers for Peace, Comfort, Healing, Strength and so much more…
    Here is a poem in memory of  Azlynn…
    Heard The Angel Say
    by Bobbi Davis~

    I thought I saw your face today,
    in the sparkle of the morning sun.
    And then I heard the angel say,
    "Their work on earth is done."

    I thought I heard your voice today,
    then laugh your hearty laugh.
    And then I heard the angel say,
    "There's peace dear one at last."

    I thought I felt your touch today,
    in the breeze that rustled by.
    And then I heard the angel say,
    "The spirit never dies."

    I thought I saw my broken heart,
    in the crescent of the moon.
    And then I heard the angel say,
    "The Lord is coming soon."

    I thought that you had left me,
    for the stars so far above.
    And then I heard the angel say,
    "They left you with their love."

    I thought that I would miss you so,
    and never find my way.
    And then I heard the angel say,
    "They're with you every day."
    "The sun, the wind, the moon, the stars,
    will forever be around,
    reminding you of the love you shared,
    and the peace they've finally found.

    In Jesus name…. "Amen"  x <3 x

  27. Richard Paasch

    How great our grief, but how great a God we serve!  He is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think.  Our prayers are with your dear family and we will help financially as well.  Thanks for sharing this need.  The Paasches of Rhode Island

  28. Sharon

    If you are unable to get paypal to work through the link provided, you can choose the 2nd tab from the left “send money”.  Enter their email address and it will allow you to send it that way. 

  29. Beth

    Wasn’t sure how to ask this question so I’m trying this message. If we
    donate through paypal, is paypal going to take the normal 3.9% of the
    total away from them. Wonder if other people know that paypal deducts
    that fee? It may be different with donations. I just use it for my
    business and didn’t want them losing money that I could give them in a
    check. Let me know what is best and we’ll get something out to them. I
    have a two year old granddaughter that looks a lot like Azlynn and I
    have cried for two days over their grief. We are all praying for them
    in a constant state of prayer. In Christ

  30. chanthachhim

    Thank you! Your kind words and love for this family is appreciated. P,ease donate through Paypal or through their local church, Cleveland Baptist Church.

  31. Cameronprewitt

    God is so wonderfully amazing. My heart is crying out to the Lord Jesus Christ on behalf of my brother and sisters loss. Romans8:28 is true just like every other jot and tittel of Gods Holy Word. Heaven continues to fill up with loved ones what a day that will be, yet this world is lost. May Gods grace continue to minster to this family and fan the flames of the zeal and boldness of this preachers spirit. To The Lord Jesus Christ be the glory forever and ever.

  32. Linda Ferritti

    The Cretzmans were at our church, Temple Baptist Church, New Iberia, LA. just
    last month.  They provided special music at one of our services and we were able to spend some time with them and their two beautiful little girls.  We are offering up our prayers to the Lord for them for comfort and guidance during this difficult time.


    these are love gifts same as if you wrote a check to your mom your mom is not taxed. its not income. our church takes up money for many people and they are not taxed. why are missionaries treated differently? 

  34. Drmellor4

    Sending a check today and keeping them in my prayers daily. I cannot imagine the feeling of loss. How your life can change in the blink of an eye. Hundreds and hundreds of people are praying for this family and sharing their greif. I’ve had so many fb posts asking for prayer and support for this family. God is surely surrounding this family. Will continue to pray for them.

  35. Bob Williams

    Brother, I first want to say what a great friend you are to take this on yourself to help Bro. Cretzman and his family in their time of sorrow and need.  I own Prayer Cards USA and we were the ones that designed the little Prayer Card that went viral on Facebook today.  We have been getting messages all day from so many people it is overwhelming the prayer support that is being given. It is amazing the greatness of our God and how much his Children ban together to help a hurting Brother and Sister in Christ.  One of the messages we received was from the owner of a coffee shop and he said that all tips and donations on Saturday will be going to the Cretzman family.  I couldn’t help but gather the staff and share that with them and shed some tears of joy that the Lord is going to see them through this.  I spoke with our Pastor here in Indianapolis this morning and our church will be taking up love offerings tonight and both services on Sunday to send to the family.

    God Bless – we are continuing to pray

  36. David

    I hate to try to put a downer on donating — but let’s not make matters worse by not doing it the “right” way.  See for more info.  Basically I don’t want the IRS to make a tragic situation worse by audits and/or taxation.  Please give – through the church- who is required by law to keep records of who gave what for whom and when….

  37. Deborah Skruhak

    The Lord knew! As he does before we take each breath, each step, every tear and every laugh. My heart breaks as I could not imagine losing something so precious and dear as a child! When you hear stories like this, it makes you stop and think about your family, loved ones and friends! Do you know with out a doubt that Heaven is your home? Will you one day see your family and friends there? Even though until this horrible accident, this family and I knew nothing of each other. But, I smile knowing one day we will all be walking the streets of gold with little Azlynn by our side! My prayers go out to the family and each person this young family has touched through the work of the Lord!

  38. Sarah

    Chantha & Susan – just wanted to say that I love your family! Please be careful while out on deputation!! Our church has been supporting the Cretzman’s for the past year. It was devastating to hear this news. Thank you for caring enough to post this information!

    Sarah Wood

  39. chanthachhim

     Thank you for your love and prayerful consideration for this family. You are truly an amazing friend. Thank you Shenandoah Baptist for whatever you can do to be a blessing to this family.

  40. chanthachhim

     Thank you Sarah for loving our family. Thank you for supporting this young family. They truly are precious people. Your prayers and financial support will be a huge blessing.

  41. chanthachhim

    We will work with Paypal to resolve this issue. In the meantime, we are also working on another donation via credit method that can offset the charges and fees associated with Paypal to better steward the gifts that are coming in for this family.

  42. Ernurse21

    Thank you for sharing how we might help finacially.  This tragedy has made  many of us recommit to praying earnestly for missionaries all over the world. 

  43. Kruger

    We will never understand why tragedies happen to good people. Prayers to the family, as their heart is scarred forever. May GOD comfort this family.

  44. Brett & Heather Stutzman

    Keep up the great work for God Bro and we are praying and passing Bro Matt Cretzman’s situation to as many fundamental Christians as we know lets make sure to Pass on this prayer request immediately.  lets then follow it up with Financial support for handling things daily ahead. as his Brothers and sisters in Christ. 
    thanks Bro Chanthachhim for your efforts technologically for the Cretzman Family, Our dear brother in Christ.
    Bro Brett Stutzman
    Erie, PA
    Grace of Calvary Baptist Church
    Supporting Church for the Cretzman Family for almost a year now.
    Greatly enjoyed meeting them last March at the Missions Conference at our church.

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