Cretzman Update Part – 2

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God is at work! Late this evening, Lana had the privilege of speaking with her nurse at the hospital about the Lord. We are thrilled to see how God is using this event to bring people to the saving knowledge of Christ. Thus far, we have seen/heard of three souls that have trusted Him through this event. To God be the glory!

What a joy to see the response of God’s people and to see answers to prayers right before our very eyes. On behalf of the Cretzmans, they want to express their continued deepest gratitude for the love and prayers that have been shown. There have literally been thousands of emails, phone calls, personal visits, Facebook messages, Tweets, and website comments expressing your deep love and prayers for them. To this end, we are humbled and we say thank you.

Lana’s surgery went well. She is recovering nicely in a private room. The initial acknowledgement from the hospital was that she would probably be released late Saturday, especially considering that the funeral needed to take place by Monday/Tuesday. However, because of your faithful prayers, Lana is healing quite well and she may be released by Friday. Praise the Lord! Of course, there will be extensive rehabilitation to follow for several weeks and maybe months, but Lana is a strong we pray that her recovery would be speedy.

Today has been quiet a hectic and busy day. You cannot imagine the thought of having to prepare for the funeral arrangements for your precious little daughter. Today was a hard and challenging day, however, with God’s grace and strength, funeral arrangements are being made. God showed great favor! Your prayers are being heard. Pastor Bobby Roberson has offered Gospel Light Baptist Church facilities for visitation as well as the funeral itself. Also, there have been some burial land at a local cemetery that has been graciously donated to allow for the burial of precious Azlynn.

The family would like to make known the times for the funeral services of Azlynn Cretzman. The services will be on Monday, February 27th at Gospel Light Baptist Church in Walkertown, North Carolina.

Visitation from 10 am to 12 pm
Visitation from 3 pm to 4:30 pm
Funeral Service at 6 pm

Gospel Light Baptist Church
890 Walkertown Guthrie Rd
Winston-Salem, NC 27101
tel. (336) 722-9700

For all those who are still looking to donate to the Cretzman family you may still do so through the donate link on this page, or through one of the churches listed below. Also, please note that within the next 24 hours we will make known a banking account where people may make a deposit directly to the Cretzman family.

chanthachhimCretzman Update Part – 2

89 Comments on “Cretzman Update Part – 2”

  1. Lilarae2007

    I too know how hard it can be to prepare funeral arrangements for a little girl. For I lost my little girl last year on her older brother’s 7th birthday.. Yes it is very difficult but through the Grace of God he helped me to get through it.. My thoughts and prayers go out to them I pray that Lana continues to heal well and is able to leave the hospital on Friday.. May God continue to give you the strength and courage to get through this rough time.. And may he continue to Bless you all..  

  2. Kurtys4Christ

    Her beautiful smile brought me to instant tears! Only the Peace and Comfort of the Almighty can produce that. Thank you, thank you for your wonderful testimony!

  3. Robert

    I want you to know that My Sunday School class pray for missionary every week. For needs that we don,t know about and there saftey may God bless you and help get you on the field quickly to see other saved 

  4. Cdsfamily

    we here at the Lighthouse baptist church are one with you in prayers for comfort and quick recovery. you are in our prayers…God is good all the time! He knows the beginning and the end of everything…

  5. Cdsfamily

    Lighthouse Baptist Church,Pleasanton,Ca. is praying for the Cretzmans…

  6. Tndbishop

    My thoughts and prayers are with your family. Praise God for already answered prayers!

  7. Lynn Aulenback

    I have to echo the words of Kurtys4Christ. Your smile Lana is beautiful. Your Faith in our Lord is the only thing that can do that in this time of sorrow. Praying and thinking of you and your family….                    

  8. Jaquillawhite

    My prayers are with you! May God continue to work in amazing ways through your family!!!

  9. Pastor Ntbc

    What a joy to see your smile and to hear your testimony, Lana! How it must rejoice the heart of God for you to glorify Him so in the midst of your trial! Much love and continual prayers!

  10. Sandralarocque

    Wow praise the Lord for Gods word getting out and touching precious souls. Lana your smile is so encouraging. I can’t even being to understand what your going thru I can only image I myself have seven children, I pray I can have the same example you have if ever I gi thru such a loss. Praying for you and you family as you go thru this difficult time. Thank you for being such a Godly example. God Bless you. You truly have touch me greatly.

  11. josie Wolverton

    What a blessing to me this morning. What was my problem again?  Thankful for a peace that passes all understanding.

  12. JillZRealtor

    Azlynn is very proud of the strength and courage that her parents are showing:-) Praise the Lord for the souls saved. What a real testimony of you both and Azlynn entering into the sufferings of Christ.

  13. Corey

    Only God can help them through this time! Thankful that they are sharing with others in their time of grief!!

  14. Emmylou

    What a beautiful picture of you and the nurse, Lana!  You are such an inspiration to us all! God bless you on the road to a speedy recovery. Praying.

  15. Pennyaguiar

    Know that your family is in our prayers. Thank God you go to Him for strength and not blame Him. A lot of people do that and miss the blessings of God by seeing people come to Christ. I talk by experience, my husband was shot driving down the interstate and we are Baptist Missionaries/ Evangelist serving God. Many souls were saved through that as well. Keep your eyes on Jesus . May God bless your family as you go through this trial.

  16. reality

    sorry but a child has died a tragic death and you are all talking about god??? this is why I don’t believe: if he is all that mighty why did a 3 yr old die? wake up people. sweeping it under the carpet and saying praise god is unbelievable. She should be crying. smiling because she got people to talk about god?? ugh.

  17. Grumpyer

    Liberty Baptist Church in Durham, NC is praying for you.  God has touched many hearts and wallets through your trial….PRAISE HIS HOLY NAME!    We will continue to pray and uphold you to the throne of grace.

  18. Lisaneill05

    Praying for you Lana and your family…What a testimony you and Matt have been through this time! So thankful and encouraged by the faith you have for the Lord. He is so good in the midst of everything!!!! You are continually on my heart and will be praying for the days ahead. Jeremiah 33:3

  19. Jenni McClung

    Praying for you all today and the next several months as well!  Praise the Lord that some lost souls came to know Jesus!

  20. Zebratim69

    What an amazing testimony of our great God’s love and grace. Joy amidst the trials of life. Praying for you and your family.

  21. Beth Helton

    I never knew what people REALLY mean when they said that God’s grace carried them through a loss until my dad died this August. God’s grace isn’t something that is easily explained with words, but it is readily seen through the actions of those experiencing it. His grace truly truly is amazing!

  22. Ami Mccarty

    I am praying so hard for this beautiful, Godly family. May God see the glory and hold the little one Azlynn in His precious arms. Love your family!
    Ami MCarty

  23. Lfevens

    We Have An Anchor in whom we cant trust, Stead- fast and Sure.. may God continue to comfort and surport you, Lana and your Family.. as we continue to Pray for you. oxoxooxoxoxo

  24. Drmellor4

    I’ve never met this dear family but I love them . Continuing to uphold them in prayer.

  25. Theresa Waun

    Lana, you are such an inspiration to us all, and a perfect example of God’s love, Praying for you and your beautiful family through this difficult time, Our Church Michiana Baptist Church, in Walkerton , IN. are holding you all up in prayer. Even in the Valley GOD is GOOD!!!!

  26. Rafael and Briana

    My husband and I dont know the cretzman family but we heard about the news and we just wanted to let the cretzman’s know that we dont have children so we dont know the pain and suffering you are going through but God does and we wanted to say you are in our hearts. We are praying for you guys.

  27. T_mrodgers04

    God is so good! Even in our trials he gives us peace. What a blessing to lead someone to the Lord after sharing your story! Not only is it an encouragement to me, but to the rest of the world! Praise God for his never ending love, grace, & mercy he shows to us! Your family continues to be in my thoughts & prayers! God Bless! Love & prayers, The Rodgers Family.

  28. Lizgroll

    You dont know me …but i have prayed for youand your family since i heard of the accident. God bless your testimony. So many more ppl will come to know the Lord threw you and your lovely family. God bless and praying for peace and comfort during this hard time!

  29. Ronnie_kennedy

    I have had the same feelings as expressed by Josie in the comment below me. How humbling it is to see you guys still in the will and work of the Lord through all of this. I cannot imagine losing either one of my children, but i pray that i would have the strength and peace to go through it like you have. God Bless You! We are still praying that everything goes smoothly!

  30. Anette Ware

    Still praying for your family. Ive been taught that we must be thankful for the bad as well as the good. This precious baby girl is where God needed her.  May God continue to Bless you as you go to the others.

  31. Joanie Bolton

    Thank you for these updates, they are a blessing to me to see God faithful to blanket His servants with grace. Still praying, and thinking of them often.  As a Missionary we feel like they are truly “family” and are grieving with them. May God continue to Comfort & guide them. Joanie Bolton, MVP Missions.

  32. Cindy

    Chegoggin Baptist Church in Yarmouth Nova Scotia is holding you close in prayer.  Even in the darkest hours the love of God is shining through!  Praying for you all.  What a wonderful peace there is in knowing that the “God of the mountain is still the God of the valley”!

  33. Misswhitnie

    It’s so hard to type through tears! What a blessing it is to see such mercy & grace! I can’t wait to meet precious Azlynn in heaven one day! My prayers are with you all!

  34. Angela

    To God be the glory! So thankful for souls saved! Our church is praying for all of you and that God continues to be glorified! – Angela

  35. Amy Bourdess

    Just want you to know that we are praying for you all in this time. Praise the Lord for the souls saved and for the grace and peace that the Lord gives in these times. May the Lord bless you.

  36. Beebemom56

    I do not know you personally but as a believer in Jesus Christ you are my brother and sister. My heart and most importantly my prayers go out to you and your family. People ask me why, how could this wonderful christian family be going through this? I dont have the answer but God is in control… always, we have to just trust in him.

  37. Sandra in Spokane,Wa.

    I too have lost a little girl but God has given me,as well as you, the comfort of knowing she is in heaven with him! It is so wonderful the comfort he gives in times of trials! Praise God for the blessings of salvation through this time! I was so glad the smile I saw on your face. Just continue in his work as God is calling you both! Love in Christ! 

  38. Ruth

    Praise the Lord. To God be the glory. Such wonderfull news. God is good. We are still keeping your family in our prayers.

  39. Nboardman04

    Dearest Cretzman family,
         I am praying for you during this time of such loss and sadness; but  we are also rejoicing with you for the precious souls that have been saved through this tragedy.  Lana, your smile is an amazing testimony of the love you have for the Lord!  May the God of all comfort sustain you and your family in the days, weeks, months, and years ahead.  Mount Vernon Baptist Temple, Howard, Ohio

  40. Denise

    I do not know them personally but my heart goes out to the family.We are getting to know this family because of this tragedy.God took Azlynn for a reason and she is happy right now in the arms of our loving God.Will keep praying  for the Cretzman family

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