Dealing with Confrontation

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One of the hardest things that inexperienced leaders in any capacity have to deal with is that of confrontations. Me personally, by nature, I would consider myself to be non-confrontational. The purpose of this post is to help many who have asked about it. In recent days, there have been some things that I have had to deal with that … Read More

chanthachhimDealing with Confrontation

Plan for Growth

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This is a pretty simple quandary. Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Should an organization hire someone to help with responsibilities or wait til the responsibilities are too large then hire him? I have seen this mistake happen in many organizations, specifically, churches. A pastor will be the song director, youth director, janitor, etc… He will wait for … Read More

chanthachhimPlan for Growth

Too Busy

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“Lost time is never found again”. — Benjamin Franklin Not too long ago, my seven year old son asked me if I were too busy for him? He had an upcoming recital at school and asked if I had time to hear him speak on George Washington. I’m sure that you can understand the overwhelming emotional response I gave, “Of … Read More

chanthachhimToo Busy