How To Prioritize Your Ministry Budget

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For many ministries across the country, your fiscal year is about to end and your new fiscal year will begin July 1. If this is not your ministry, no worries, keep reading. You can still be helped! Actually, in more ways, you may just be helped more since you have more time to chew and implement these processes in which … Read More

chanthachhimHow To Prioritize Your Ministry Budget

Why Asia? Why Not?

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From the moment I made my Asia ministry public, I have been asked, “Why Asia? Why would you choose to live and minister in an area of the world that is still developing?” To answer this question more articulately, please read on and allow me to acknowledge why I believe Asia is not only the place where the moving and … Read More

chanthachhimWhy Asia? Why Not?

Needed: Professional w/ Years of Experience

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Are you ever looking for the right “guy?” Those experts in their field to consult, advise, or even potentially hire on your staff? Of the many qualifications that we look for in the church world, this one would be at the top of the list. We are looking for the person (either to join our staff or consult) that can … Read More

chanthachhimNeeded: Professional w/ Years of Experience