Top Ten Must-Have Apps

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I achieve to be a constant learner. In this attempt, I want to be more effective, efficient, and excellent in my service for our Lord; even with my new crazy deputation life traveling from one place to the next. One week, I can be in Charlotte, North Carolina, and the next week end up in California. Traveling and managing this … Read More

chanthachhimTop Ten Must-Have Apps

How Christian Leaders Can Learn From Apple’s Long-term Strategy

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You have to admit, if there is a company that has become a house-hold name, it’s Apple Computers. Whether you use an iPad, iPhone, iTunes, iMac, iPod, or other Apple products, you have fallen in love with its easy to operate devices, clutter free thinking, and stable operating system which runs efficiently and mindlessly in the background. As we understand … Read More

chanthachhimHow Christian Leaders Can Learn From Apple’s Long-term Strategy